A new way of tackling an old problem

Bottomline is a team of seasoned and specialized airline managers and turnaround specialists
at the service of airline owners or controlling investors who wish to see better returns
or wish to exit.

We have successfully restructured and started up airlines in Europe and the Middle East.

We booked results with assignments in challenging political, economical and regulatory environments – even war zones.

However, we are not just another consulting company selling recommendations.

We step in as interim management and take responsibility for the turnaround or start up.
We walk our talk.

We are not there for the long term, so will not waste our time with politics and empire building or own agendas.
The focus is on the bottomline results. Upon completion of the turnaround or start up,
we hand over to the a next generation managers.

A turnaround is a drastic change

Ebitda large

(Example of client* performance.  shown on a monthly turnover of US$ 6.m)

Minor changes will never make the required impact;
we challenge the core concept and ask the difficult questions.
What does not function does not need improvement;
it needs overhaul.

The key to our success is an ability to tailor commercial and
operational functions around the concept
These functions have inherently opposing interests and results
(revenue versus cost) and must be mutually supportive instead.

Bottomline has demonstrated it can alter an airline’s future:
interim management driven by cost control,
inspired by the commercial opportunity.